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Which foot?   Limited Edition Dark Side Covers from Edward Bär on Vimeo. Spinning The Truth Into Some Story Live At Theatron from Edward Bär on Vimeo.

DARK SIDE digital CD cover

CLICK ME and Come Over To The Dark Side

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Click Me – to see that actually It’s Not The End Of The World! Background photo by Archerwl

Mockumentary Man from Edward Bär on Vimeo.

Spinning The Truth Into Some Story from Edward Bär on Vimeo.


Gurdan Thomas Endorses Child Labour from Edward Bär on Vimeo.

**NEW – by special request ‘John & Jackson Black In The Country’ Lyrics**
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Out 10.10.14 (DE) & 13.10.14 (Rest of Europe) – The New E.P. ‘Missing’

  ‘There were a few moments of stunned silence. We couldn’t believe it. The audience couldn’t believe it. The stunned silence continued until it was gently broken by the sound of a single tear falling and splattering onto the unpolished, yet relatively clean wooden floor after rolling it’s way down the smooth brown cheek of a young Bolivian boy called ‘Ernesto’..’


She’s so low down and dirty as well, She will cut you as soon as just look at you drooling with your tongue on the floor, Have a little bit of dignity boy, You’re lowering the tone, Then I find I’m running round her like a Monkey on a string, Doing anything that she wants, She’s the girl of my dreams, Maybe if I wasn’t such a loser I could stand up to her, I would love to blow her away, With my machine gun, dream machine gun, In your dreams boy, in your dreams, She’s so dead now, But just in my mind, (I)maginary homicide, ’till I see her out on the street, Then I come a running like a little puppy, Pleased to greet her, It’s just a story, Don’t take it to heart, There’s no violence can be justified, Except I’d love to pump her so full of holes, Grinning as her body crumples to the floor, I’m in control now.

Down in Africa (it’s a collection of countries you know), Down in Africa, it’s collection of people and rivers that flow to the sea, And you know, Down in Africa you could run from your life, Down in Africa you can try to hide, But these things will always follow you, Wherever you point your boat to, And you know, Down in Africa, You could look for a wife, But don’t come thinking you can replace someone who once shared your boat, She’s long gone fishing with somebody else, And you know…

On the day that our time machine failed to work, We went back to the drawing board with our chalk, We decided the cupboard we’d used for the frame, Didn’t keep out the drizzle and that was to blame, So we commissioned a go-cart from our old man, With a roof and a curtain hang to disguise, A pair of milk bottle white legs that powered our ride, And a blue plastic cable to steer from inside, We found in our imaginations, Worlds that kept us away from trouble, well at least sometimes, We never listened to popular urban myths, ‘Cause we made up our own as we rolled along, On the mounds of the refuse making our dens, And an old vacuum jet pack to visit our friends, And raid their dens… Edward (A Children’s Song) Teddy was a handsome bear and beared all their nightmares, No matter what the sandman threw that night, Teddy was a suit of armour, Whether being chased by a Wolperding or something stranger, By the strength of his paws and his round tum-tum, Mr. Teddy was a saviour All this time they never told him that they really cared about the bear, Teddy was a common bear and never asked for favours, Only that somebody held him tight, Just before the dreams of danger, I wish I’d brought my bear, Saviour, he needs no ridiculous under-over-wear,