Sandra Hollstein (DE)

Accordion, Vocals, Melodica

Sandra is also a talented songwriter with her own project. She plays and writes for Jodelfisch & Croque Messieurs and is a member of D.O.O.F. and can be found often walking across treacherous mountain passes, (despite almost falling to her death once) and swimming fearlessly in cold waters.

Sandra’s Solo Project


Michael Hohm (DE)

Ukulele, Charango, Cornet, Voice, Horn, Melodica, Tuvan Throat Singing

Michael writes very interesting songs, usually in his native language and has a special talent for Tuvan Throat Singing. He is a former member of the Babbits, now re-named ‘The Hohmless Babbits’ He also is a great Mountain Wanderer and fire starter amongst many other things. The Hohm provides…



Janine Schmidt (DE)

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Janine is a very talented musician, she is experienced in many styles of percussion from Latin, African, classical, folk, avantguarde through to Pop and Jazz. Her artistry on any instrument one can hit combined with Andi on Tuba adds a real plethora of dimensions to the GT sound including a thumping solid groovy backbone.




Gurdan Besrywan Thomas (UK)

Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Cornet

The founder of the band and writer of the songs. He studied composition with Prof. Andrew Downes, Dr. Mark Lockett and the late great John Mayer at Birmingham Conservatoire where he developed his love, interest and respect for a wide range of musics from planet Earth. He also plays with Jodelfisch, Zigori & Beppe Jones, Lischkapelle, Shicksals Combo, & D.O.O.F. And can cook a mean curry.



Andreas Knapp (DE)

Tuba / Sousaphone / Helikon, Bass Trombone

Versatile Tubist and trombonist involved in both his ‘classical’ groups Münchner Blechreiz & Abaco-Orchester as well as getting into the thick of things with the cheeky chaotic ensemble that is Gurdan Thomas! 





Carles Camós (ES)

Keyboard / Piano, Bass Guitar

The latest addition to the band, hailing from Catalonia and from a family of musicians Carles brings a new depth to the group with both keyboard, piano and Bass Guitar.