First leg of album under our belts.

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15 ‘live’ songs put to tape.

3 days, 15 songs (of a goal of 18) put to tape and recorded live, it was intense. We had the good fortune to have 3 diamonds with us on our journey: Martin Habersetzer (Tuba), Johannes Url (drums) and the prizewinning musician / composer Dine Doneff working with us as producer.

from left to right Carles Camós, Johannes Url, Martin Habersetzer
The recording crew…
 …and of course Lori (bottom centre)

The next step is to find some more recording time to finish the last 3 and then starts the hard process of sorting through the material and editing ready for the sprinkling of magic (overdubs). 
We had returned to the fabulous Fluxx Studio in Allach with the wonderful Lori Lorenzen at the helm.

There’ll be more news to follow…