We thought it might be a good idea to add the Gurdan Thomas lyrics to the site, our reasoning for such rash action is as follows;

  1. These days most of our audience have English as their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or for those linguistical show offs even 5th language and even for Native English speakers often it’s difficult to catch all the words.
  2. Sometimes Mr. Gurdan forgets the words and falls back on the infamous tried and tested Gurdan technique of putting on an outward appearance of singing something meaningful and full of poetic vigour, when in fact what comes out is a series of random sounds and mumblings.
  3. The words are quite an important element of the unique ‘Gurdan Thomas’ experience for those interested in story telling, philosophical viewpoints and just plain silliness.
  4. We thought it might impress you all..

Here’s a ‘roughly’ alphabetical list of the songs that are currently on our set-list.

Spinning The Truth Into Some Story (NEW)

I Forgive You For Being A Bitch (NEW)

A Blackening Of Reputation
Bouncing Around
Every Cloud Has A Sliver Of Lightning (previously ‘DIE FAIRY DIE!!’)
Feckin’ Bankers
From Man To Maggot
God Is Me
My Head Is Stuck In This Honeypot
I Found Me A Better Day
I Want To Drill Her
I’d Have Her
John & Jackson Black In The Country
Not For The Stretched Of Face
Oh To Be A Chicken!
Penicillin Me
Swimming Against The Tide
This Gentle Life
We’re Only Here For A Short While