Darkside Cover
Darkside backsideA limited Edition, sauber barfuß linolschnitt gedruckt album voll mit erhebenden lieder des Finsternis!

The Dark Side Of Gurdan Thomas is a ‘prequel’ to the studio album (‘It’s Not The End Of The World’) that will be following quite soon. Completely recorded at GT HQ in Lochhausen, Munich and Produced and Engineered by Michael Hohm. Released on Beste! Unterhaltung

The physical album is a limited edition and the covers are all uniquely lino-cut, barefoot printed. On the reverse side there is a naked footprint from one member of the band. All the CD’s are numbered and total 500.

With 13 Dark songs of an uplifting nature – this album contains musical essays in descending into the darker side of the Human Condition and other stories. Above all however, the songs, although of a dark nature in topic are not in any way a set of maudling. depressing, moaning self pitying rambling pieces.


  • One More Victory
  • Over To The Dark Side
  • Hate Song #1
  • How To Kill A Jedi
  • Cabin Fever
  • Down In Africa
  • Drink Deep Of Today
  • Todd
  • Edward
  • Demons
  • Round Again
  • Sweet Sui
  • From Man To Maggot